Monday 10/29 10:00am-12:00pm @ Mini InMovement 
610 S. Percy Street
As some of you may know, our lovely Miss Allison is moving on to new adventures next month!
We would like to invite the community to join us in celebrating the love and light she has poured into InMovement over the years…
Stop by Mini InMovement and drop in for open play to wish her the best of luck!
Standard open play rates apply, packages accepted!
A love note from Miss Allison:
Thank you to all of the families who have welcomed me here and let me share in the joy of watching your children learn and grow! It has been an absolute honor getting to become a part of this InMovement community, and it will be hard to leave behind all of the smiles and hugs and warm conversations that make each day here at InMovement so special. Seeing so many happy faces every day made coming to work so easy, and watching the joy and pride as kids master new skills is one of the greatest gifts a teacher-at-heart can ever receive. Spending my days with kids of all ages has made this an incredible job, and I have so enjoyed my time here passing on a love of gymnastics, movement and joy to a new generation. This has been such an incredible experience, and I am so lucky to have been able to spend these past few years at InMovement with you all. I will truly miss it here, and I will carry all of my memories with me on my new adventures. Thank you all for letting me share these years with your families, and I wish you all the best (and will do my best to come back and visit!).