Meet the Staff


Sara Trindade: Owner

Hometown: Montclair, NJ

Education: BS in Psychology from Springfield College and an MFA in Dance from Temple University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Handstand

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, pilates and kettle bell, exploring, biking.

What inspires me: People who take their time and energy to help others.

What I do at InMovement: I created and have grown InMovement to what it is today. Now a days, I hire, oversee, manage, worry, and come up with a good idea once in a while. But for the most part, I get out of my staff’s way and watch them run the show!

Mr. Ben: Operations Manager and Enrichment Program Developer

Hometown: Elkins Park, PA

Education: BA in Film and Media from Temple University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Front handspring vault

Hobbies: Theater, photography, music.

What inspires me: People who take their time and energy to help others.

What I do at InMovement: I am the operations manager, which means I oversee the coordination and execution of all the different class offerings here at P.I.M. I also teach Intro, Gym for Fun 1/2, Ninja class, and Stunting and Climbing.

Miss Becka

Hometown: Easton, PA

Education: B.A. in Communication from DeSales University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Front walkover

Hobbies: Running, yoga, lifting, and reading.

What inspires me: My family! I have six younger siblings who like to keep me busy! I’ve learned a lot from all of them, and they inspire me to try my hardest in everything I do.

What I do at InMovement: I teach Intro to Gym 3, Rec Team, Boys Gymnastics, and more!

Coach Kate: Head Coach of the Junior Olympic competitive team and Fast-Track Program

Hometown: Blacksburg, VA

Education: BA in English Literature, BA in Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish) from JMU

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Kip!

Hobbies: In my free time I love to read! I also enjoy taking my three pups out for walks, dancing, cooking, hiking, and exploring.

What inspires me: I truly believe gymnastics is the best sport in the world, and I want to pass on that passion to the next generation. I love to watch kids hard work pay off!

What I do at InMovement: I head our Junior Olympic competitive team and our fast-track program. I also coach parent-child classes, intensive gymnastics, and a smattering of everything else!

Miss Teresa: Team Co-Director, XCEL Team Head Coach, and Adult Program Coordinator

Hometown: Pottstown, PA

Education: Film and Media Arts Degree from Temple University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Side Aerial (no handed cartwheel)

Hobbies: Gymnastics, filmmaking, and rock climbing.

What inspires me: Watching kids/adults accomplish new skills while furthering themselves in the sport.

What I do at InMovement: I co-direct our competitive team, and I am the head coach of our Xcel Team. I also teach the adult classes.

Mr. Alex: XCEL Team Head Coach

Hometown: San Francisco

Education: Enough for now

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Back layout

Hobbies: Cooking and baking.

What inspires me: Posters of cats that say “hang in there.”

What I do at InMovement: I am the assistant coach for our team program and I teach school-aged classes and preschool classes.

Miss Chelsea: Mini InMovement General Manager

Hometown: Prince George’s County, Maryland

Education: University of the Arts Philadelphia/ BFA in Modern Dance

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Front handspring

Hobby: Singing

What inspires you: My two boys inspire me to be the best version of myself. Having two little ones makes me work hard to achieve all my dreams.

What I do at InMovement: I manage day-to-day operations at Mini InMovement and teach parent/child, pre-school/kinder, and after school gymnastics classes!

Miss Sophia: Administrative Manager

Hometown: Kennett Square, PA

Education: BA in Dance at University of Colorado at Boulder

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Handstand

Hobbies: Dancing, tree-climbing, painting, and baking.

What inspires me: Watching our kiddos learn to support each other, find creative solutions to problems, and giggle!

What I do at InMovement: I coordinate all things administrative including manning the front desk, organizing registration, client communications, and handling payments.

Miss Renee: Birthday Party and Special Events Coordinator

Hometown: Plainfield, NJ

Education: Dance Associates

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Handstand

Hobby: Dancing

What inspires me: Students’ passion for learning

What I do at InMovement: I teach school-aged classes and coordinate birthday parties.

Mr. Mike

Hometown: Perkasie, Pa

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Back/Front Hip Circles

Hobbies:  Playing in Punk Bands. Eating Tacos.

What inspires me: Coming into work everyday and making children laugh.

What I do at InMovement: I teach preschool/kinder classes and school-aged classes and lead birthday parties.

Coach Elaine

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Education: Currently a junior acting major at the University of the Arts.

Favorite gymnastics skill: Front and side aerials.

Hobbies: Dancing, acting, and modeling.

What Inspires Me: The kids who come in everyday willing and ready to learn and seeing them progress.

What I do at InMovement: I coach intensive gymnastics with a focus on hotshots and preteam.

Miss Eugenia

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Education: Degree in Human Resources and Certifications in Aerials

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Aerials (silks, hoop, hammock), backbends, splits, and handstands.

Hobbies: Practice and try new movements in all the aerial elements, dance in front of the mirror and eat a lot of chocolates.

What inspires me: Me inspira poder enseñarle a los niños el arte que amo, darles una experiencia fuera de lo común, siempre afirmando que no hay limites y que podemos lograr todo lo que nos propongamos con una enorme sonrisa. En todo amar y servir.
Translation: It inspires me to be able to teach children the art I love, to give them a unique experience, always affirming that there are no limits, and that we can achieve everything we plan to with a huge smile. All in love and service.

What I do at InMovement: I teach aerials classes, into classes, and intro classes.

Mr. Shakiel

Hometown: The Virgin Islands

Education: MBA in Healthcare Management, currently working on Masters in Management, expected June 2020

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: The kids taught me how to do the floss dance…does that count?

Hobbies: Reading, watching sports, working out, traveling, laughing.

What inspires me: Leadership: the ability to bring people together and get them working cohesively is a beautiful thing. Perseverance: life isn’t easy and we, as humans, face many obstacles. When people decide that’s not going to stop them and pick themselves back up-that’s inspiring!

What I do at InMovement: I work as an administrative assistant in the mornings and I am the MOVE after school coordinator in the afternoons.

Mr. Kenny

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Education: BFA in Graphic Design from The University of the Arts

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Tuck Jump

Hobbies: Creating and producing music.

What inspires me: People ultimately inspire me to do more, from my girlfriend, to my friends, to my family and the people who strive to solve problems for those who need it most everyday.

What I do at InMovement: I help with admin related work, branding, and social media.

Miss Margot

Hometown: Westport, CT

Education: BA in Dance from Muhlenberg College

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Improvising!

Hobbies: Crocheting, dancing, eating, and cuddling my cat.

What inspires me: I’m always inspired by the creativity, energy, and focus found in students who have learned to work collaboratively.

What I do at InMovement: I teach Move Your Body classes, gymnastics classes, lead birthday parties, and assist aerial classes.

Miss Brielle: Social Media Manager

Hometown:  West Deptford, NJ

Education:  BFA University of the Arts

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Round Off

Hobbies:  Music, hanging out with my dog, and eating tacos.

What inspires me: Coffee

What I do at InMovement: I teach parent/child classes, pre-school/kinder classes, and after school classes. I help run the after school program at our Bella Vista loaction and lead birthday parties as well. I am also Philly InMovement’s social media manager!

Mx Bailey

Hometown: Grew up in Dallas, TX but have been in Philadelphia since 2013.

Education: BFA in Acting from The Univeristy of the Arts

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Hello-Goodbye Jumps

Hobby: Theatre, dancing, karaoke, bread eating, crafts with glitter.

What Inspires Me: Seeing young ones be curious about who they are and the world around them.

What I do at InMovement: Lead birthday parties, teach some classes, and coach summer camp!

Miss Tara

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Education In Progress: BS in Entertainment & Arts Management from Drexel University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Clear hip circle

Hobbies: Movies and music.

What inspires me: My family and friends!

What I do at InMovement: I teach preschool/kinder classes, school-aged classes, and coach team!

Miss Coty

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Education In Progress: BS in psychology, minor in women’s and gender studies, pursuing master in couple and family therapy

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Handstand!

Hobby: Rock climbing

What inspires me: Seeing kids learn new skills and feeling accomplished, helping them build confidence in themselves and to achieve more skills in the future.

What I do at InMovement: Saturday classes and birthday parties!

Mx. Loren

Hometown: Huntingdon, PA

Education: BA from Oberlin College, MFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, CMA from the Laban/Bartenieff institute of Movement Studies

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: One-handed cartwheel

Hobby: Crafting

What inspires me: I love finding and helping others find joy, freedom, and community through movement.

What I do at InMovement: I help kids have fun and be safe at gymnastics-themed birthday parties!

COACH ANNINA: Social Media Management

Hometown: Delmar, NY

Education: BA in Linguistics and Philosophy at Smith College

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Kip and handstand!

Hobbies: Woodworking, cooking, and playing cello.

What inspires me: I am inspired by hard work and those willing to try new things!

What I do at InMovement: I coach a variety of classes ranging from Gym for Fun to our competitive team. I also do some admin work and work on the social media team.

Miss Erin

Hometown: Woodstock, MD

Education In Progress: BA in Film (in progress!) at Temple University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Star jumps!!

Hobbies: Watching movies, cooking, and baking.

What inspires me: My friends, the environment, and watching kids grow and learn!

What I do at InMovement: I with parent-child classes and birthday parties.

Miss Victoria

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Education: BFA in Dance and a minor in Art Therapy from University of The Arts

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Cartwheels

Hobbies: Dance and cooking.

What inspires me: Seeing the joy that comes from moving the body.

What I do at InMovement: Assist birthday parties.

Miss Mallory

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Education: University of Pittsburgh

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Isolation movements

Hobbies: Fitness dance classes, art, and exploring Philadelphia by bike.

What inspires me: Making kiddos happy and helping others.

What I do at InMovement: You'll find me at the front desk on Saturdays or helping at a birthday party!