COVID-19 Precautions 2020-21

All Locations

We are following CDC’s Guidelines for how to operate for low risk for schools and community activities. Here are the ways in which we are making all of our learning group as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Anyone who enters our facility, staff and students, are screened with questions and a contactless temperature check before allowed inside.

Our staff members are required to wear a mask at all times. Students are also required to wear masks while inside our facility. The exception is when eating or drinking, while maintaining more than 6-foot distance from others. It will be explained to children by their teachers that they may have a mask break if needed, but must ask so they can be distanced from the rest of the group. Gentle reminders will be given as necessary.

Our facility, curriculum and flow have been arranged to allow for social distancing. Teachers will refrain from direct contact with students unless absolutely necessary.

Teachers will be cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces, and anything used throughout the day will be placed in a bin to clean at a later time. All surfaces and mats used will be cleaned and sanitized with FDA- approved products that kill COVID-19. Bathrooms in particular will be cleaned and sanitized after every use, when ever possible. The facility will be cleaned professionally 3 times a week and fogged once a week.

Teachers will wash their hands often and for 20 seconds. Signs in the bathroom with pictures remind children of the proper way to wash their hands. We will check to make sure hands are washed after bathroom use. Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the facility and is used with the children and the staff very, very often! Everyone is required to wash hands before and after eating.

HEPA filters are installed in the HVAC system. Windows will be open, with some fans directed in and others directed out, to increase airflow throughout our facility. Children and teachers will spend as much time as possible OUTSIDE!

PPE, including surgical, KN95 and fabric masks as well as gloves, are available for our teachers.

We are only allowing 30%-50% our regular capacity for students, depending on the program. We are not allowing parents inside the facility to limit the number of people inside. Teachers are placed with a consistent group of students to limit exposure. We limit our ratio to 1 teacher to every 6 students. Teachers will only directly interact with students within their predetermined groups and will refrain from interacting with other children in other groups unless absolutely necessary. We are offering privates, semi-privates and established pod privates to help support families who want an alternative to classes or camp.

Director Sara Trindade has her Certification in Contact Tracing through Johns Hopkins University. Her training enables us to understand how COVID-19 spreads and how we can help contain it.

If there is anything related to COVID that happens within our group, our families will be contacted swiftly, with detailed information every step of the way. We ask that you do the same! With every scenario, we consult with the COVID Containment Team at Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health.

Staying home is still the safest way to avoid COVID-19, which is why we are offering a small selection of virtual class offerings.

Given the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve made necessary changes to our fall camp curriculum, safety procedures, and protocols in order to ensure the safety of all individuals taking part in our fall program. Please click HERE to read the safety measures we are implementing.