Fast-Track Programs

(4 to 17 years)
Queen Village

Fast Track

Fast Track is a growing developmental program designed to progress some of our students to our Team at an accelerated pace. The program is invitation only and offered to students that have demonstrated exceptional skill progression, strength, and work ethic in our regular school aged and Short Wheelers classes. These classes are structured differently than a regular class. This allows for greater focus on the specific skills each child needs to advance, while also providing additional practice time.


We are currently in the process of developing a more in-depth Fast Track program for this age group. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Sparklers class!

Firecrackers/Hot Shots

This 1.5 hour long class is for students that have shown great physical potential and enthusiasm during their regular classes. Students must demonstrate focus, a solid foundation of strength, and an enthusiasm for learning new skills. The class will move at an accelerated pace with a strong focus on body shaping, flexibility, conditioning, terminology, and the skills needed to advance to Pre-Team. The age range for this class is 5-7 yrs. old. Students will be split into two groups: Firecrackers (ages 5-6) and Hotshots (ages 6-7). We strongly recommend that this class be taken twice a week!

“My daughter Julia and I love in Movement because we love to stay active and healthy.  Julia has so much fun while she is learning  a skill.  She is working very hard to progress as she has been coming since she was a short wheeler and presently in Gym 1.  The instructors are very knowledgeable , kind and patient and always try to encourage all the children.”

Parent, South Philadelphia