Meet the Staff


Owner: Sara Trindade MFA


Sara Trindade is the founder/director of InMovement . She moved to Philadelphia ten years ago to attend Temple University, where she pursued and received her Masters of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography in 2006. Sara resided in Montclair, New Jersey until she ventured to Massachusetts to receive her BS in Psychology, with a minor in Dance, in 2002 from Springfield College. Before dancing, Sara was a successful Level 9 competitive gymnast participating in state, regional and national competitions all through her youth. Sara went on to become an asset to the Springfield College Gymnastics Team, winning college awards and ranking nationally. Her dance and gymnastics teaching career began at the age of 14 and she has been honing her skills ever since. Sara has taught, choreographed and developed programs for YMCAs, preschools, high schools, Synagogues, camps, gymnastics centers and dance studios. She has taught numerous dance related classes as an adjunct professor at both Temple University and Rowan University. Sara is also an advanced  yoga practitioner and enjoys incorporating what she learns into her teaching and programming. She is passionate about physical movement and tries any new activity that comes her way in order to share it with her staff and students. Creating Philly InMovement is a dream realized and she enjoys every second of it!





Maia Rusco: Pop-Up Program Director

Education: BA from Temple University in English/Creative Writing

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Back hip circle

Hobby: Cats, online shopping

What Inspires you: Watching children learn and grow!

Things I teach at InMovement: Parent/child, preschool and school aged classes, Birthday parties, Pro-shop organizer, Pop-Up InMovement Director



Anna Gott: Team Head Coach & Adult Program Coordinator 


Hometown: Marlborough, Connecticut

Education: BS Exercise Science from Temple University, Entrepreneurship minor, CPR certified

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Aerial

Hobby: Weightlifting, baking, hanging out with my dog

What inspires me: Happy people, meeting new people, watching children progress and learn new skills

Things I teach at InMovement: Preschool and school aged classes, Team, Adults, Birthday parties


Shannon Donovan: Curriculum Development and Xcel Head Coach

ShannoninstructorbiopicHometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education: Integrative Physiology at University of Colorado, Boulder

Favorite gymnastics skill: Giant

Hobby: Boxing and running

What inspires me: My Mom <3

Things I teach at InMovement: Everything!


Sophia Hernz: Administrative Manager
Sophia Pic

Hometown: Kennett Square, PA

Education: BA in Dance at University of Colorado at Boulder

Favorite Dance Skill: Inversions

Hobby: Dancing, painting, and baking!

What inspires me: Seeing our InMovers support each other, find creative solutions to problems, and smile!

Things I teach at InMovement: Move Your Body!

Hayley Overturf: Birthday Party Coordinator

HayleystaffbiopicHometown: Norwich, CT
Education: BFA Acting, The University of the Arts
Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Round Off
Hobby: Riding my bike, exercising, tap dancing, and playing with my dogs!
What inspires me: I am most inspired when those around me pursue their dreams and never give up!
Things I teach at InMovement: Parent/Child, Preschool, School-Aged and Birthday Parties


Allison Rovensky

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Education: Graduated from Goucher College in 2013, studied Anthropology and Peace Studies

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Front Walkover

Hobby: Knitting, gardening

What inspires me: Inside each of us there are millions of possibilities, and teaching gymnastics and watching the students find those possibilities in themselves and make them realities is one of the best things to see.

Things I teach at InMovement: Parent/child, Preschool, School aged &  Pre-teen/Teen classes


Alex McCormick


Hometown: Jamison, PA

Education: BFA in Acting/Theatre Arts (University of the Arts)

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Cartwheel

Hobby:  Watching Movies

What inspires me: Watching students who get back up and work at a skill again after falling only a moment before

Things I teach at InMovement: Preschool and School aged classes and Ninja training


Felix d’Hermillon

Hometown: Philadelphia

Education: High school graduate

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Back tuck

Hobby: Playing the guitar

What Inspires me: is working with young kids to help give them not only the hand eye coordination skills that they need, but also the muscle strength to be able to participate in other activities.

Things I teach at InMovement: Preschool and school aged classes, Ninja training and Birthday parties.




John Kasten


Hometown: Bronx, NY

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Dive Roll

Hobby: Playing with my dog

Things I teach at InMovement: Adult Programming, School-Aged Classes & Team



Kristy Peifer


Hometown: Christiana, PA

Education: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Philadelphia University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Switch leap on beam

Hobby: Playing with my dog

What Inspires me: I feel inspired when people are encouraging of each other

 Things I teach at InMovement: Parent/child, preschool, school aged classes and birthday  parties.


Melissa Johnson


Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Education: Bachelors in business management, minor in small business.

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: Handstands and pull overs

Hobby: Exercising and cooking

What Inspires me: People that help other people!

 Things I teach at InMovement: I am a teacher for all levels (infant to adult classes).  I am a specialist (and  have a blast) with birthday parties!



Sabrina Canas


Hometown: Fanwood, NJ

Education: Currently studying for my BFA in dance performance with a minor in business at the University of the Arts.

Favorite Gymnastics Trick: Headstand

Hobby: dancing, hiking and watching movies

What inspires me: Watching others working hard to achieve their personal goals and watching students grow from day to day!




Teresa Dabback

Hometown: Pottstown, PA

Education: Film and Media Arts Degree at Temple University

Favorite Gymnastics Skill: side aerial/no handed cartwheel

Hobby: Gymnastics, Filmmaking, Rockclimbing

What inspires me: Watching kids/adults accomplish new skills while furthering themselves in the sport.

Things I teach at InMovement: Adult Programming, School-Aged Classes & Team