Virtual Camp

Sad that virtual classes are ending? Don’t fret! This summer you can join us for our first ever InHomeMovement Virtual Summer Camp!

Virtual School-Aged Camp

Camp hours: 9am-12pm (3 hours)
Total Hours on Zoom: 2.5 hours/day
Price/Week: $75
Note: there will be a total of  30 minutes worth of “break time” for snacks partway through the morning.  Depending on enrollment, this may be two 15 minute breaks or one longer 30-minute break. Additionally, students can continue 1-2hours of activity on their own (off Zoom) with provided materials and creative homework assignments!

Our virtual program also comes with bonus content to keep your child entertained past the live course: each week will include a theme-based bundle of coloring pages, a sidewalk chalk art challenge, a bingo sheet full of imaginative activities, as well as videos with instruction of arts and crafts projects, instructor-led storytimes, and even a virtual book club!

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Travel to the wacky world of the circus! Students will balance, contort, juggle, joke, and move like circus animals! We will hone our talents and special skills just in time to perform in a virtual talent show!

Journey through the galaxy to outer space and train like a Jedi to channel the force! We will learn about the solar system and stars, and take off in rocket ships! This is your chance to strengthen your balance and coordination, and practice your Jedi moves in this Outer Space adventure week!

Unleash your inner hero and create your own super character this week at camp. Join us to swing, fly, and hone our superpowers as we work together to fight boredom and conquer our movement fears.

Put me in, coach! Team up with us for a week of sports basics and friendly competition! Activities will draw on skills from baseball, soccer, basketball, frisbee, and more with a focus on teamwork and sportsmanship.

This week at camp will be all about getting our bodies moving in new ways! We will work on musicality, coordination, and dance styles, all with an eye towards fitness and the ways that balance and agility are important for all sports and physical activities.

X marks the spot! During this action-packed week of camp, we’ll run with pirates, swim with mermaids, and tumble onto the beaches of Treasure Island. We’ll increase our strength and work in teams as we explore, hunting for treasure along the way.

Calling all young witches and wizards! You are cordially invited to the finest magic school in virtual Philadelphia! Grab your wand and get ready to play magical games, cast spells, ride mythical creatures, and solve ancient puzzles!

During our “American Ninja Warrior” week, we will combine gymnastics and acrobatics to channel our inner ninjas! We will roll, tumble, and jump through a variety of obstacle courses designed to test our strength and flexibility. Students should come prepared for lots of fitness and friendly competition!