Parent & Child Classes2019-08-12T08:01:16-04:00

Parent & Child Classes

(10 to 36 Months) Adult participation required.
Queen Village & Bella Vista

BABY GYMMERS™ (10 – 17 mos)

Our baby gym program is designed to promote muscle and brain stimulation via gross motor development activities. This class is full of lots of crawling, rolling, standing, walking, climbing and smiling! Learn more and Register

LIL’ TUMBLERS I™ (15 – 24 mos)

Designed for the first time play gym experience, this stimulating parent participation program introduces balancing, tumbling, hanging and agility skills in a fun open environment. Learn more and Register

LIL’ TUMBLERS II™ (24 – 36 mos)

Self-reliance increases at this age. Similar to Lil’ Tumblers I, however parental involvement gradually decreases as little ones are encouraged to participate in more structured activities. Learn more and Register

LIL’ MOVERS AND SHAKERS™ (18 – 36 mos)

Try a mix of the Lil’ Tumblers class with a longer circle time that includes dances, songs, rhythms and props. Learn more and Register

“You have such a fun facility, as well as friendly, creative and talented staff. My kids feel very at-home here! We love how you enhance our community.”

Parent, South Philadelphia

Class FAQ’s

Drop off class2018-04-18T20:58:54-04:00
  • Please inform us if your child has any physical problems or medical conditions
  • Parent/guardian must sign liability waiver before participating in any class
Drop off procedure2018-04-18T20:59:13-04:00
  • When dropping your child off, please check in on the Ipad located at the front desk
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to the start of class
  • Place all belongings in a cubby
  • Gymnasts will be called into the gym by a coach when it is time for class
  • Before and during class, parents and children, please do not cross the red and yellow line and block the gate–as this is a major safety concern!
Late policy:2018-04-19T20:43:04-04:00
  • For 45 minute to 1 hour classes, students will not be admitted if they are more than 10 minutes late
  • For 1.5 to 2 hour classes, students will not be admitted if they are more than 15 minutes late
Pick up:2018-04-19T20:43:22-04:00
  • If your gymnast is being picked up or going home with someone other than yourself, we ask that you send an email, call, or let us know when you drop off
  • Students MUST remain inside the lobby until a parent/guardian comes inside
What if I am running late to pick up my child?2019-06-20T16:21:57-04:00
  • Call or email us to let us know
  • If necessary, leave a voice mail
  • At 10 minutes, Philly InMovement will charge $10 plus $1 every minute thereafter
What does my child wear to gymnastics?2018-04-19T20:43:55-04:00
  • Girls: Comfortable clothing such as a fitted shirt and shorts or leggings or a leotard-we have new and used leotards and shorts available for purchase
  • Gym 2, Gym 3, Pre-team & Team: a leotard, unitard, or form-fitting attire (biker shorts, tank tops, etc.)
  • Boys: Athletic shorts and t-shirt
  • Barefoot
  • Hair should be in a ponytail prior to class—we have hair ties available for $0.25
  • No baggy clothing
  • No jewelry (small earrings are allowed)
  • We have new and used leotards and shorts available for purchase!
What does my preschool gymnast(s) do in class?2018-04-19T20:44:12-04:00
  • Begin with a fun warm-up utilizing basic exercises and body positions
  • Multiple classes warm up together and then separate into groups
  • Child’s age is the determining factor for class placement
  • Depending on the size of the class, groups may change periodically. Regardless of grouping, students work on skills appropriate for their class
  • All classes follow a curriculum that creates a fun environment where we build a strong foundation for gymnastics
  • Gymnasts learn skills on the vault, bars, balance beam, floor and trampoline
What does my school aged gymnast(s) do in class?2018-04-19T20:44:30-04:00
  • Begin with a brisk warm-up to raise their core body temperature and to increase strength and flexibility
  • Multiple classes warm up together and then separate into groups
  • Classes are grouped according to age and ability
  • Depending on the size of the class, groups may change periodically. Regardless of grouping, students work on skills appropriate for their level
  • All classes follow a curriculum and a predetermined rotation schedule
  • Gymnasts learn skills on the vault, bars, balance beam and the floor exercise
  • Class assessments
What is class assessment?2018-04-19T20:44:48-04:00
  • Each class has a set list of skills that must be mastered in order to progress to the next level
  • At the end of each school aged session, coaches assess students’ abilities using a skill checklist to determine the best fitting class for the next session
  • During assessments, coaches will quickly evaluate the set list of skills for each level
How long will my child be in each level?2018-04-19T20:45:06-04:00
  • Even though all gymnasts experience the exact same learning, no two gymnasts progress at the same rate. One gymnast may complete a level in one session whereas another gymnast might take much longer. Gymnastics is an individual sport and we believe it is important to encourage each gymnast to focus on themselves and always try their best!
How do I know what level to start my school aged child?2018-04-19T20:45:22-04:00
  • We want what is best for your gymnast. If your gymnast has prior gymnastics experience, please contact us to schedule a free assessment to ensure appropriate class placement. Otherwise, please register your child for Introduction to gymnastics.
Are parents allowed to stay during class?2018-04-19T20:45:45-04:00
  • In our experience, we find it very helpful to create a clear line between the lobby, where students wait for class with their grown-ups, and the gym, where students take class. This tends to make it easier for students who are feeling shy or uncomfortable to overcome their uneasiness. With this in mind, we ask that parents stay out of the gym during all parts of class (including the first few minutes of free-time). This way, all students will know that the gym is a place where they go without their grown-ups. While this may be difficult at first, we believe that it is the best way to give students the chance to succeed in a drop-off environment.
  • Feel free to wait in the lobby
Interested to see what your gymnast is working on this week?2018-04-19T20:46:25-04:00
  • Please ask an instructor to view the lesson plans on the Ipad!