Do you want the opportunity for your child to have a “magical” year? This small Bella Vista learning group will allow families who feel virtual is not a good option but overwhelmed with the possibility of homeschooling to have another option. Our goal is to form a low-risk “pod” where kids can benefit from social interaction and a hands-on learning environment. This progressive and experiential learning group will include Pre-K through 3rd grade. No more than 12 students will enjoy a large kids’ gym with a separate classroom area and private outdoor space. Big kids and little kids will divide for lessons and explorations and come together at times to discover and learn together. Movement, music, art and creativity will be emphasized and integrated into our standards-based and project-centered curriculum. Your child’s learning group will involve in-person and at home assignments and projects. Children will benefit from being held accountable to our experienced and accredited teaching staff for the work they are doing inside and outside the learning space. Our philosophy is to celebrate the kiddos as individuals and meet them where they are at socially, academically and emotionally. Fostering a love of learning though student-led lessons in a mix aged family-like environment.

HOME-SCHOOL COMPONENT: Since parents with children 1st – 3rd grade will register their child/children with the Philadelphia School District as home-schoolers, an end-of-year portfolio must be presented for evaluation by a certified teacher before June 30, 2021. Student certificates are then submitted to the school district. You will be helped with this process every step of the way, including a template letter to submit. Before the learning group begins, you will attend an orientation on how to organize representative samples of student work in a tabbed ring binder or accordion folder, according to each subject in the core curriculum. At the end of each quarter, teachers will provide you with the work samples clearly marked for each respective category. Mini Community Learning Group’s curriculum is designed to exceed district expectations for demonstrable progress. Examples of student work will include reading inventories, math and spelling quizzes, writing samples with revisions and a final draft, any standardized testing (Gr. 3 only), and photos of projects.

Daily Schedule:

  • Monday – Thursday (optional Friday)
  • 9:00 AM – 2:00PM
  • Half Day Pre-K: 9:00 AM – 12:30PM
  • After Care Available


  • Fall: September 8th – December 23rd
  • Winter: January – March
  • Spring: April – June
  • Note: Exact Dates for Winter-Spring To Be Determined


Each student pays additional $500 non refundable educational supplies fee, due at time of commitment

Full Day | 9:00AM – 2:00PM | Monday – Thursday
Fall Semester: $4,600/student

Winter Semester: $3,450/student
Spring Semester: $3,450/student

Full Day | 9:00 AM – 2:00PM | Monday – Thursday + Optional Friday
Fall Semester: $5,200/student
Winter Semester: $3,900/student
Spring Semester: $3,900/student
Half Day | 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM | Monday – Thursday
Fall Semester: $4,000/student

Winter Semester: $3,000/student
Spring Semester: $3,000/ student

Half Day | 9:00AM – 12:30PM | Monday – Thursday + Optional Friday
Fall Semester: $4,200/student

Winter Semester: $3,150/student
Spring Semester: $3,150/student

*Tuition divided into automatic monthly payments
*Sibling: 10% discount on second child

Please understand our tuition is the absolute minimum to make this work! We are using this to pay our salaried teacher and assistant, rent and other expenses including extra for COVID precautions. No profits will be made!

COVID-19 Precautions:

Families that join our pod should be low-risk and have been vigilant during this pandemic. Mask wearing and social distancing or staying home. Social contract between the families will be agreed upon. Masks are expected to be worn when inside. Mask breaks will be taken and lots of outside time will be planned. For the younger ones we understand this can be difficult but with gentle reminders we believe it can be done and the best way to keep all safe. Social distancing will be maintained for learning time but with the masks on we will allow for kids to interact more normally during play time.

We will be providing a plan that ensures teacher and student health including cleaning and disinfecting, PPE, mask wearing for children and teachers, ventilation/air flow, HVAC Hepa and UV light filter, outdoor time as much as possible, social distancing, screening and temperature checks.