GYMNASTICS parties are packed with activities. The kids are entertained for an hour in the gym, from warm-up games and parachute fun to gymnastics tricks and obstacle courses. We incorporate aspects of gymnastics, rock climbing (Queen Village), games, dance, and more. This is a structured, instructor-led party.

NINJA parties include the fun of obstacle courses, games, jumping, running, and balancing. The first half of their party will start with a ninja-themed introduction and warm up. Following the warm up, our ninja friends will be sent on a super secret mission to have the most fun ever! By exploring the gym through gymnastics stealthy movement, the ninja party is great for kids with tons of enthusiasm and future ninja warriors.

AERIAL parties include an exploration of creative movement possibilities in the air! They will learn the basic skills of climbing, hangs, and locks all while flowing in flight. The party will start with basic circle time with an introduction of the rules and key skills to understand aerial elements. After, we will put them to the test to enjoy the free feeling of performing aerials.

OPEN PLAY parties include lightly structured activity that encourage kiddos to expand their social horizons. Our staff will show tricks around the room and allow the children to play with minimal instructional activities. Our Open Play parties create a fun atmosphere for every kid! There still will be party hosts to help ensure safety, but the kids control the show.

ULTIMATE parties include all table utensils for children, juice boxes, 5 double cut pizzas, birthday cake from Tiffany’s Bakery, and party favors for all your guests. If you would like to include the moon bounce and an additional half hour that must be requested.