Our parties include up to 18 children. You may have additional children at your party (up to 25 children at Kenilworth St. and up to 20 at Percy St.) for an extra fee of $20/child. Additional children beyond 25 at Kenilworth St. (Queen Village) is $50/child and additional children beyond 20 at Percy St. (Bella Vista) is also $50/child.

**Please note: While we can accommodate up to 25/20 children at your InMovement birthday party, we firmly believe that our best parties are those which have no more than 18 children in attendance. A party with any more than 25/20 children is a safety concern and a fire hazard. As such, we ask that you not invite more than 25/20 kids to your party. If there are more than 25/20 children in attendance, the aforementioned $50/child fee will incur for inconvenience and liability.