Summer Specialty Workshop Series

(7+ years)
Queen Village

“She practices her head stand at home ALL the time, even DURING dinner, a feat I cannot comprehend!”

Parent, South Philadelphia


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Hours: 1:00 – 3:00pm

Philly InMovement’s Summer Workshop Series will allow students to try new and exciting movement-based classes, such as Acro Dance, Tricking, Contortion, and more!  These workshops will run during our summer camp hours so that campers can choose to add on a workshop to their day. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be registered for summer camp to participate in our workshops!  Students are welcome to drop in for the week and participate in the two-hour workshop without attending summer camp. Come learn some cool new skills and get moving at our Summer Workshop Series!

Week 2: June 30th to July 2nd

In this specialty camp, we will work on beginner to advanced acrobatics, partner acro skills, and choreography!  Students will be given the opportunity to create their own acro dance combinations, and they will be taught a group acro dance to perform at the end of the week! Conditioning, proper technique, and creativity will be some of our main focuses throughout the day.  Students will have the opportunity to set goals for themselves, while having fun learning new skills, making friends, and exploring a new style of dance!

Week 5: July 21st to 23rd

Learn to fly in our Aerial Circus workshop! We will explore apparatuses such as Silks, Lyra (hoop), Hammock and Dance Trapeze and delve into Dance Fundamentals, Acro Yoga, Yoga, basic Tumbling, Flexibility and Contortion. We will start each day with energetic warm-ups to prepare the student’s mind and body for climbing, inverting, spinning, and flying. Students will move through core disciplines in small groups, then work together on team building and strategy-based exercises.

Week 6: July 28th to 30th

Have you always wanted to get your split, or touch your toes to your head?  Well now you can learn how in our flexibility/contortion specialty camp! Students will focus on stretching and strengthening in order to correctly perform contortion tricks, such as elbow stands, chin stands, splits, and more!  Students will also work on putting together a contortion routine in order to show off the skills they have learned throughout the week!

Week 7: August 4th to 6th

Are you an athlete who wants to get stronger?  Then get stronger with gymnastics! This specialty camp uses gymnastics-specific conditioning exercises in order to help students gain strength, power, and flexibility.  Gymnastics is known to have helped athletes perform better in all sports because it requires the whole body to be strong, flexible, coordinated, and powerful. By performing the same strength training as gymnasts, plus doing a few flips, you can become a better all around athlete!

Week 8: August 11th to 13th

Learn how to leap, jump and turn, at our Dance Specialty Camp!  Students will be exposed to a variety of styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, modern, musical theater, and more!  Each day students will work on technique, flexibility, choreography, and improvisation skills, while making friends, and having fun!  At the end of the week, students will perform the choreography that they have learned, and show off their awesome dance moves!

Week 9: August 18th to 20th

Tricking is a combination of the kicks from martial arts, the twists and flips from gymnastics, and the creativity of dancing. Whether you’re just learning to roll, or have been flipping around for years, if you want to learn this multi-disciplined sport, this clinic is for you!

Week 10: August 25th to the 27th

This workshop will be an  exploration of the fundamentals of an asana practice. While  also exploring the importance of pranayama (breath work). We will set the foundation of linking breathe to movement to learn how to listen to our bodies. Cultivating body awareness and creating a playful environment, we hope to educate each child on the fun of practicing yoga. For two hours we will explore prop usage, basic poses, a break down of a beginners class, and acroyoga for partner building activities.


Specialty camps will be two hours in length

$40/week for campers, $110/week for non-campers

Ages 7+


You must pay in full at booking.

Refund Policy

All cancellations will be charged a $10 per workshop, per child cancellation fee. 48 hours or less notice for that week and refund will not be given.