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Virtual Birthday Parties!

Let us help make your loved one’s birthday special! inMovement offers TWO types of virtual parties: gymnastics and ninja. Each private birthday party will include 30 mins of fun for $99. Once a staff member has been selected to lead the party, they will coordinate with you directly with a Zoom link that you can send out to all of your attendees. Parties also include party favors for you and your guest; each child will receive a free Virtual Class*!!

*Please provide the emails of the guests so we can get them their free Virtual Class Pass.

Virtual Private Gymnastic Party:

  • Your coach will start the party with a fun warmup and stretching.
  • Followed by a Birthday Shout-Out for friends to share a fun memory they have with the Birthday child.
  • There will be a group game provided by the coach to get your body moving.
  • You will follow along with your coach for a fun dance routine and perform!
  • We will finish up with the birthday song!
  • Please invite as many guests to your party; we recommend having up to 15 participants for them to get the best experience. 
  • It can become challenging with more guests, the birthday child may not get to see or hear everyone.

Virtual Private Ninja Party:

  • Your coach will start off the lesson with a fun warmup and stretching.
  • Followed by a Birthday Shout-Out for friends to share a fun memory they have with the Birthday child.
  • Next, the participants will follow the coach’s instructions for some fun conditioning drills.
  • The kids will learn karate skills, coordinated challenges, floor skills, and will end the lesson with a game.
  • Please invite as many guests to your party; we recommend having up to 15 participants for them to get the best experience.
  • It can become challenging with more guests, the birthday child may not get to see or hear everyone.
For all birthday party inquiries, call then number below or email us at birthdays@phillyinmovement.com!

Birthday Parties

(1 to 12 years)
Queen Village & Bella Vista

Booking an InMovement birthday party has never been easier. Join us for an hour and a half of activities catered to your special birthday child! Our job is to make sure the child and their guests have an amazing and memorable time by ensuring every detail is taken into account so that the kiddos can have fun.

InMovement is proud to offer four standard themed parties and one “ultimate” theme, all of which include the following:

  • 90 minutes (one hour in the gym plus thirty minutes in the party room)
  • Up to 18 children including one birthday child (additional children at extra cost per child; additional birthday child for extra cost)
  • An InMovement t-shirt and a water bottle for the birthday child!
  • At the 45 minute mark of your party, we will bring all kiddos into the party room/lobby for birthday treats
  • All parties end back in the gym with free time and bubbles!

The four standard theme parties and “ultimate” theme are detailed below:

For all birthday party inquiries, call then number below or email us at birthdays@phillyinmovement.com!

“We appreciate YOU! We’ve followed Ms. Sara everywhere east of Broad Street since 2006… We love parkour and gymnastics and every birthday party we’ve ever attended and open gym…”

Philadelphia Resident

Call (215) 238-2180 to Book a Party!




This party is packed with activities. The kids are entertained for an hour in the gym, from warm-up games and parachute fun to gymnastics tricks and obstacle courses. We incorporate aspects of gymnastics, rock climbing (Queen Village), games, dance, and more. This is a structured, instructor-led party.




Kids who have a ninja party will experience the fun of obstacle courses, games, jumping, running, and balancing. The first half of their party will start with a ninja-themed introduction and warm up. Following the warm up, our ninja friends will be sent on a super secret mission to have the most fun ever! By exploring the gym through gymnastics stealthy movement, the ninja party is great for kids with tons of enthusiasm and future ninja warriors.




Have your party guests explore creative movement possibilities in the air! They will learn the basic skills of climbing, hangs, and locks all while flowing in flight. The party will start with basic circle time with an introduction of the rules and key skills to understand aerial elements. After, we will put them to the test to enjoy the free feeling of performing aerials.




Open Play party option is great for little ones when they are learning to expand their social horizons through lightly structured activity. Our staff will show tricks around the room and allow the children to play with minimal instructional activities. Our Open Play parties create a fun atmosphere for every kid! There still will be party hosts to help ensure safety, but the kids control the show.




Leave all the details to us and just show up. This package will include tableware, utensils, 5 double-cut pizzas, birthday cake from Tiffany’s Bakery, and party favors for all your guests. Please note that an extra half hour and/or moonbounce must be requested at the time of your booking. Additionally, please let us know your preferred theme (gymnastics, aerial, or ninja) at  the time of your booking.

DEPOSIT AND CANCELLATIONS: a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date. If you cancel 30 days prior to your booked party, the deposit will be returned to your InMovement account as credit. Beyond that point, you will lose the deposit.

PARTY CONTRACT: after phoning in your deposit, you will receive a contract by email which will ask you for your preferred party type and party package as well as your child’s full name and date of birth. Please be sure to return your contract in a timely manner. Feel free to take a picture and send it to birthdays@phillyinmovement.com!

PARTY BALANCE: we will charge the full balance of the party to the card on file the Friday before its scheduled date unless other arrangements have been made.

WEATHER POLICY: During the winter months, unpredictable weather conditions can pose a threat to scheduled parties. Not to fear! If conditions make travel unsafe and staff  are unable to get to the gym, we will reschedule your party. As long as we can get there and the city does not shut down, we will run your party!

ONLINE INVITATIONS: Evite is a free online service that is easy to use! Simply go to the website, or download the app and start designing. Evite also keeps track of how many guests RSVP’d! Please click here for more details.

AMENITIES: Our Percy St. location does have a full size refrigerator and freezer! You are more than welcome to utilize the space, but please bring a cooler the day of the party. Our Kenilworth location does not have a refrigerator or a freezer so please plan on bringing an extra cooler or two for goods that need to be kept cold.

Birthday Add-Ons

Click on an add-on to find out more!

A 30 minute extension is available upon request for $75.00.

Any additional child after the included 18 is $20. At PIM (Queen Village), any child past the 25 child mark is $50. At MIM (Bella Vista), any child past the 20 child mark, any additional child is $50.

One additional non-familial birthday child (ie a joint birthday party) may be included for $25.

A bouncy house is available upon request for $65.00.

Up to 18 party favors are available upon request for  $7/party child. Each party favor includes an InMovement water bottle, a bouncy ball, bubbles, stickers, and an Open Play pass. Additional favors may be included for $5/party child.

Five large pizzas are available upon request for $90.00. Alternatively, up to ten large cheese pizzas can be requested for $20/pizza.

A traditional round birthday cake from Tiffany’s Bakery is available upon request with either a flower or balloon design for $65/cake. Additionally, up to five birthday numbers can be included for $4.50/number.

**Unfortunately, no custom designs may be requested, please inform us of any allergies.

Up to five small 24-plate packs are available upon request for $6/pack.

Up to five large packs 24-plate packs are available upon request for $4.50/pack.

Up to five packs (50 napkins/pack) are available upon request for $6/pack.

Up to five fork packs (30 forks/pack) are available upon request for $5.50/pack.

Up to five spoon packs (30 spoons/pack) are available upon request for $5.50/pack.

Birthday banners and tablewareare available upon request for $40.

Up to ten 24-pack of juice boxes are available upon request for $10/juice box pack.

Birthday Parties FAQ’s

Can I choose to lengthen my party time?2020-02-18T11:16:13-05:00

Provided there is not a scheduling conflict, you may choose to extend your party by 30 minutes for an additional $65. If you know you would like to reserve two hours, it must be requested at the time of your booking! After that, there are no guarantees we can extend your party. The last half hour will be spent in the party room enjoying refreshments and cake.

Can I do a joint birthday party with my child and a friend?2018-04-19T19:51:57-04:00

You can have a joint birthday party for an additional fee of $25 per each additional birthday child, with the exception of siblings who we do not charge extra for.

How many children are included in the party?2020-02-08T18:01:14-05:00

Our parties include up to 18 children. You may have additional children at your party (up to 25 children at Kenilworth St. and up to 20 at Percy St.) for an extra fee of $20/child. Additional children beyond 25 at Kenilworth St. (Queen Village) is $50/child and additional children beyond 20 at Percy St. (Bella Vista) is also $50/child.

**Please note: While we can accommodate up to 25/20 children at your InMovement birthday party, we firmly believe that our best parties are those which have no more than 18 children in attendance. A party with any more than 25/20 children is a safety concern and a fire hazard. As such, we ask that you not invite more than 25/20 kids to your party. If there are more than 25/20 children in attendance, the aforementioned $50/child fee will incur for inconvenience and liability.

Can I upgrade my party package after booking?2020-02-08T18:05:56-05:00

You may upgrade your package up to the Monday before your party, however you will be charged for any additional fees at the time of your booking. After the Monday before your party, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to upgrade your package.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-02-22T20:19:56-05:00

If you cancel 30 days prior to your booked party, the deposit will be returned to your InMovement account as a $100 credit. Beyond that point you will lose the deposit. In the event of sickness, family emergency etc., your party can be rescheduled if InMovement is given a one week notice.

What are in your party favors and how much do they cost?2020-02-08T18:09:49-05:00

Party favors are included in the “Ultimate” theme, but can be added on to any package for $7 each.  All party favors consist of an InMovement water bottle, a pass for one free open gym session, a tube of bubbles, a sticker sheet, and a jump rope.

How early can I arrive?2020-02-08T18:15:37-05:00

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party time. The coordinators will assist you in carrying your refreshments to the party room. Children are not permitted to play inside the gym area until the party starts. If you arrive too early, your party may need to wait in the lobby or another area so as to avoid too much congestion in our facility. Your party will start on time, so remind guests to be on time.

What do I tell my guests to wear?2020-02-08T18:17:29-05:00

Children attending the party should wear comfortable clothing that they can move around in, but no tights. Personal items are to be left in the cubbyholes provided in the lobby. All guests will need to remove shoes before entering the gym and all children must be barefoot (again, no tights!)

What if siblings of guests show up that were not invited?2018-04-19T19:54:32-04:00

Uninvited siblings of guests can play games, puzzles, and color in the lobby. If they are in the gym area, they will be counted in the guest total, which can affect your balance at the end of the party. All children who are mobile (walking, crawling, etc.) count towards the guest total. Babies in a sling or carrier will not be counted towards the total.

I have a lot of adults that want to attend, are they charged?2019-01-18T14:44:25-05:00

No, adults are not included in the guest count; however, we have limited space for eating. If you are expecting a large number of children, we recommend requesting that each child be accompanied by only one adult (especially at our Percy St. location).

Are gratuities for the birthday staff included? What is the customary amount?2020-02-08T18:22:30-05:00

Gratuity is not included in your package; tipping the birthday staff is acceptable and greatly appreciated!

20% of the birthday party cost is the traditional amount and InMovement staff may accept cash or Venmo tips. For Venmo, please Venmo your party staff directly, they will provide you their Venmo accounts upon request.

Where should I order pizza from?2019-01-22T12:13:47-05:00
If you’re party is at the Percy Street location (610 S Percy St) please order from Little Italy (215) 922-1440.

If you’re party is at the Queen Village location (500 Kenilworth) please order from Little Italy 2 (267) 928-2920.

How many pizzas should I order? What time should I have them delivered?2018-04-19T19:56:04-04:00

We do not recommend more than 4-5 large pizzas. Please ask pizza providers to double-cut the slices. Pizza should be delivered one hour before the end of your party. We recommend ordering pizzas the day before your party.

If you have a morning party, you must place your order the day before your party to ensure the pizzas will be delivered on time.

Can the kids eat during the party or do they have to wait until the end?2020-02-08T18:19:27-05:00

Children need to wait until the designated eating time, the last 30-45 minutes of the party.

Can the adults eat during the party?2019-01-22T12:12:23-05:00

Adults can eat in our designated food/drink area at any time though they are not included in the pizza count if your package includes pizza. Coffee, pretzels or bagels and fruit is a common food/beverage for adults. Alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Can I bring an outside vendor in (clown, super hero or magician, etc)?2019-01-18T14:40:10-05:00

Yes, with proper notice so that we can provide the optimal birthday celebration! If you are using a musician, actor, face-painter, or any other outside vendor please be sure to include that information when you send your contract. We need at least two weeks’ notice so that we can set aside time for their activities in the party agenda.

Can I bring a piñata?2020-02-22T20:20:51-05:00

Yes. Please give InMovement proper notice (48 hours) and bring the proper equipment to hang the piñata.

Do you offer teen and/or adult parties and celebrations?2018-04-19T19:57:45-04:00

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Please call us to see if your needs can be met.