Priority Registration Winter 2018

Hello all,

Instead of having a physical form available after classes the week of December 11th, we have decided to send you a direct link by email so that you can register your kiddos yourself!
Important Notes:
  • Last Week: Placement emails for Intro, Gym 1, Gym 2, and Gym 3 classes
    • We will be sending emails throughout the week regarding your child’s class placement
    • Please remember that gymnastics is a complex sport that requires time and repetition for students to progress, and many students stay in the same level for several sessions
  • THIS WEEK: ONLINE Priority Registration (enrolling in the SAME class or moving up a level)
    • Priority registration will open Monday December 11 at 9am and you will receive an email with the link
    • You may only register for the same exact classes your child is currently enrolled in (unless your child moves up to the next level)
    • If your child moves up to the next level, your placement email will include options for classes you can register for
    • Saturday December 16 at 5pm, online priority registration will close
    • If you miss this window, you may call us at (267) 239-0844 or email
  • December 18 – 19: PHONE/EMAIL Priority Registration (CHANGING a class)
    • If you are hoping to switch into a different class  you may register on December 18 or 19
    • You will NOT be able to:
      • register online
      • register siblings who are not currently enrolled
      • OR add additional classes until December 20
    • Please call us at (267) 239-0844 or email to enroll

Online Enrollment Step-by-Step Instructions:

1) Kids Classes

  • The link we send will take you to the login
  • After logging in, it will take you to the “Kids Classes” tab
    • NOTE: Please DO NOT begin your enrollment on the “Online Store” page as it will allow you to purchase a class series but will not enroll you in class!
  • You will then select the class you are enrolling for

2) Make Reservation For

  • On the next screen you can choose to enroll yourself or someone else
  • If your account is in your child’s name, select “Myself”
  • If your account is in your name, select “Someone Else”
    • enter your child’s full name in the space provided
    • make sure the “pay for this client” box is checked
    • choose “Enroll”

3) Series or Membership and Siblings

  • Here you will select your class series pricing option
  • You should choose the regular pricing option for the first child and SIBLING pricing for additional children ONLY
  • Proceed and pay
  • To enroll a sibling or add another class to the cart:
    • scroll to the bottom of your cart and select continue shopping and repeat the steps above
    • If you are enrolling in more than one class per week for the same child, enter “DOUBLEFUN” in the Promo Code box at checkout
    • If you are enrolling in more than one class per week for multiple children, call us at (267) 239-0844

4) View Your Schedule

  • PLEASE do not forget to “View Your Schedule” once you complete your purchase and make sure that your class series pricing option has been assigned to the correct class!
  • We will be double checking all enrollments on our end but this will help us tremendously to prevent registration snafus...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly!