Team & Pre-Team

InMovement Competitive Team


The USAG competitive team at InMovement consists of Level 3 and Level 4 gymnasts. They participate in 4-5 meets between December and April, where they compete the Junior Olympic Compulsory Routines. All of our team athletes have shown discipline, internal motivation, a desire to compete and an overall love for gymnastics. Team practices have a heavier focus on conditioning and routines than practices for Gym 3 and pre-team.


InMovement Pre-Team

Pre-team_Fall 2015

The pre-team program is designed to prepare excelling Gym 3 students for the transition to our competitive team. The girls invited to pre-team have displayed a strong work ethic, natural ability and an eagerness to learn new skills. The practices are very similar to Gym 3, although they introduce more dance elements and begin to put their skills in the context of a routine. Pre-team athletes are also required to practice twice a week. Our goal is to prepare the girls both mentally and physically for participation in our USAG competitive program.

Fast Track Program

In an effort to progress some of our students to our Team at an accelerated pace, we have created the Fast Track Program. The program consists of three, invitation only classes, which are offered to students that have demonstrated exceptional skill progression, strength and work ethic in our regular school aged and Short Wheelers classes. Students in Fast Track will take Sparklers (Short Wheelers), Firecrackers (Intro/Gym 1) or Hot Shots (Gym 2/Gym 3) in addition to one of our regular classes for their level. These classes are structured slightly differently than a regular class in order to allow for a greater focus on the specific skills each child needs to advance, while also providing additional practice time. For more information on our Fast-Track Programs click here.

Sunday Conditioning Program

Strength is a large component of gymnastics and is crucial for skill progression as well as injury prevention. While we try to incorporate as much conditioning as possible into our classes, the focus during class is on skills. We have created our Sunday Conditioning program in order to provide students with more time focused on strength and conditioning. The class is open to Gym 2, Gym 3, Pre-Team and Team students. It is not mandatory and can be taken on a drop-in basis. The class will be held every Sunday from 1:45 – 3 pm.

Drop-in: $12

Package of 5: $50

Package of 10: $85