Child Classes

PARENT/CHILD CLASSES- (10- 36 months)*

*Adult Participation Required

BABY GYMMERS™ (10 – 17mo)
Our baby gym program is designed to promote muscle and brain stimulation via gross motor development activities. This class is full of lots of crawling, rolling, standing, walking, climbing and smiling!

LIL’ TUMBLERS I™ (15 mos – 2 yrs)
Designed for the first time play gym experience, this stimulating parent participation program introduces balancing, tumbling, hanging and agility skills in a fun open environment.

LIL’ TUMBLERS II™ (2 – 3 yrs)
Self-reliance increases at this age. Similar to Lil’ Tumblers I, however parental involvement gradually decreases as little ones are encouraged to participate in more structured activities.

LIL’ KID FIT (2 – 3 yrs)
For little ones who are looking for a boost in physical skills practice, students will bounce, balance, roll, run, throw and kick their way to a great time!

Try a mix of the Lil’ Tumblers class with a longer circle time that includes dances, songs, rhythms and props.

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Drop off class FAQ’s

This class is designed to help the first time drop-off student feel safe and comfortable. Strength, flexibility and agility are increased as the children are introduced to new gymnastics skills through warm-up and obstacle courses.

SHORT WHEELERS™ (4 – 5 yrs) An introduction to basic gymnastics that engages the preschooler through imagination, props and being silly. A comprehensive warm-up is followed by circuits and stations around the gym.

MINI KID FIT (3 – 5 yrs)
Kids in this class will be on the move! Obstacle courses, games, basic ball skills,jumping, running and balancing are just some of the physical challenges children will be exposed to in this class. Social skills of kindness, teamwork and cooperation are encouraged.

MINI GYM ROMPERS (3 – 5 yrs)
This 90 minute class allows for us to dive deeper into each week’s preschool related theme through creative movement, games, gymnastics obstacles, prop exploration, story time and yoga. We will continuously switch activities in a structured style and intersperse quiet times as well. Expose your child to the benefits that physical activity has on to early child development and learning. Prepare your child for school as they listen and follow directions, sequence, problem solve, build confidence and gain independence. Sign your child up for class and see them GROW!

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Drop off class FAQ’s


This is a class developed for our first time gymnastics students AND students who have not yet tested into Gymnastics Level 1. If you’re not sure contact us to schedule a free assessment to ensure appropriate class placement.

GYMNASTICS  Levels 1,2,and 3 (K – 7th Grade)
A recreational program for boys and girls wanting to learn the fun of gymnastics! The kids work on developing skills on vault, bars, balance beam and floor exercise through a progressive and mindful curriculum. Assessment is done at the end of each session so coaches can see student’s progress and placement cards are handed out so you know what to sign your child up for moving ahead. Prerequisites: Intro to Gymnastics at Philly InMovement. If your gymnast has prior gymnastics experience, please contact us to schedule a free assessment to ensure appropriate class placement.

We are now offering a Sunday Conditioning Program for Level 2 and 3 students (as well as team and pre-team). Click here for more information.

BOYS LEVEL 1 (K – 5th Grade)
Boys can be boys in this class! Learn the basics involved in men’s gymnastics as they get exposure to rings, pommel horse and parallel bars as well as floor, vault and bars. Gain physical strength and confidence while getting out energy! Prerequisites: Short Wheelers or Introduction to Gymnastics

BOYS LEVEL 2 (K – 5th Grade)
For advancing boy students who want more challenge and a chance to advance in their skills in a hour and a half class. Prerequisite: Boys Level 1

NINJA TRAINING (1st – 4th Grade)
Kids in this class will be on the move! Obstacle courses, games, jumping, running and balancing are just some of the physical challenges students will be exposed to in this class. Teamwork and cooperation are encouraged, as well as developing physical confidence.

Stretch, strengthen and tumble! A teen version of our adult gymnastics class, which allows teens to work at their own level, get a work out & have a great time!

For information on our Fast-Track Programs click here.

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