Birthday Parties at InMovement!

Queen Village Parties

Everyone has tons of fun in our fully equipped gym area. Our dedicated and enthusiastic instructors keep guests engaged in an hour of age appropriate activities, followed by a half-hour in our Party Room for food, drink and cake of course! We always allow time at the end of the party to enjoy some extra play time… with bubbles!

Choose between a Gymnastics Party, a Moon Bounce Party, or a Ninja Warrior Party, and two experienced InMovement teachers will handle everything from set up to clean up, making sure you have to do as little as possible. Our job is to make sure the child and their guests have an amazing and memorable time!

Gymnastics Party- is packed with activities. The kids are entertained for an hour in the gym, from warm-up games and parachute fun to gymnastics tricks and obstacle courses. We incorporate aspects of gymnastics, rock climbing, games, dance, and more. Instructors will work with you to create the perfectly planned party for your child. This is a structured, instructor-led party.

Moon Bounce Party- includes one hour of playtime with our 12’ x 12’ moon bounce while instructors engage the kids in tricks and other activities around the gym. This party has little structured time compared to the Gymnastics Party. It has more of an Open Play feel. However, the instructors are still very involved in the gym and handle all transitions that make the party run smoothly!

*NEW!* Ninja Warrior Party- Does your five-year-old love taking Ninja class at InMovement, or just can’t stop jumping, climbing, swinging, and running all around the house? This party is probably a great fit for you! Kids 5 and up get to spend an hour in the gym with teachers helping them conquer an obstacle course, but not before learning some awesome ninja moves in our special warm up. The instructors will have the Ninja slack line, climbing net, and more all set up for you when you arrive, and your warriors can jump, climb, swing, and run on something other than your furniture!

A 2 Hour Combo party is the best of both worlds. We start with free play while guests arrive. Our lead instructor will then begin the party with a circle time/warm up activity usually involving our parachute or a game. During that time, the 2nd instructor will be blowing up the moon bounce and reveal it as a surprise after circle time! For the rest of playtime, InMovement instructors engage the kids in tricks, obstacles, games, and activities all around the gym. Instructors will then lead guests into the Party Room for food, drink, and cake!

You bring the paper products earlier in the week. Our staff sets up the party room before you arrive, cleans up when the party is over, and does whatever they can throughout the party to ensure you have as little to do as possible. We want you to relax and enjoy your child’s celebration!

Our Party Packages!

Standard parties start at $350 and include:

  • Your choice between a gymnastics party and a moon bounce party
  • 90 minutes (One hour in the gym plus thirty minutes in the party room)
  • Up to 18 children including one birthday child (additional children at extra cost per child; additional birthday child for extra cost)
  • Free Birthday Party Invitations from our partners at Paperless Post!
  • An InMovement t-shirt and water bottle for the birthday child!

Deluxe parties start at $400 and include:

  • Everything from a standard party
  • Tableware—tablecloths, dinner plates, cake plates, cups, napkins, and forks
  • Birthday banners

Supreme parties start at $500 and include:

  • Everything from a deluxe party
  • Pizza from Little Italy’s 2 and juice boxes for the kids

Ultimate parties start at $600 and include:

  • Everything from a supreme party
  • Cake from Tiffany’s Bakery for all guests
  • Party favors for each child
  • No stress! We take care of every detail so all you have to do is show up.

DEPOSIT: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date, balance due at end of party.

Make a Deposit


View our Birthday FAQ’s


Please call or email our Birthday Party coordinator, Hayley, after making a deposit to hold your desired time slot. Please include child’s name, date of birth, contact number and the party package/type you want.

COORDINATOR OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday – Sunday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

PHONE: 267.239.0844


Party Add-ons

Party Extension




Extend your party by thirty minutes. You can still choose between a gymnastics party and a moon bounce party or we can do a combination of both!


Party Favors

per child


If you don’t want our Ultimate party package we can still provide party favors, which include an InMovement water bottle stuffed with games and toys to keep the party fun going long after everyone’s gone home.

Additional Children






Additional Birthday Child


$15-50 per child







$25 per child



You may have up to 25 children at your party for an additional $15 per child. Please note: While we can accommodate up to 25 children at your InMovement birthday party, we firmly believe that our best parties are those, which have no more than 18 children in attendance. A party with any more than 25 children is a safety concern and a fire hazard, and as such we ask that you not invite more than 25 kids to your party. If there are more than 25 children in attendance, we will charge a $50  inconvenience and liability fee per child for all additional children over our 25 child maximum.


You can have a joint birthday party with another family for a charge of $25 per additional birthday child. Exception: we do not charge if both birthday children are siblings.



Paperless Post Party Invites!


“We’ve been working closely with our partners at Paperless Post to create a special experience for every family that books their child’s Birthday Party at InMovement. With every package you will now receive access to free online Birthday Party Invitations on the Paperless Post website!”

-Hayley, Birthday Party Coordinator